Pantingan Peak: Time To Run

Pantingan Peak


Our target time to reach the guide’s house: 2 hours :) And we have to run like crazy to make it and wash up then catch the last minibus to travel back to the bus station in Balanga so we can finally go home to our families :) This is a nice way to end our adventurous year. This is my mountain no. 19 <3 It’s Christmas season and we’ll take a break from each other and we’ll start another year with more adventures. Looking forward to have another blast with these guys. Cheers to more mountains to conquer! :)

Pantingan Peak: 3 Musketeers

Pantingan PeakIt’s just the three of us this time. For a valid reason, one of could not join us in this adventure :( Arrangements with the guide are already made and this trek has been postponed several times due to some unexpected hindrances and conflict of schedules.  We had to push through that weekend and I am glad we did because the next week was the arrival of the typhoon Ruby.


Pantingan Peak: Goodbye for Now Pantingan

Pantingan PeakWhat a difference a day makes. Goodbye for now Pantingan Peak, maybe we’ll try once again. It was a pleasure to discover your unique beauty even if we were not able to see most stunning part of it. I am still glad we chose you to be our last climb for the year :) Your good memories will always stay with me. This is still a good climb for me :)


Pantingan Peak: Summit

Pantingan PeakSadly, it was foggy and windy when we reached the top. It was like there was a storm when we were there :( Mother nature has not given us a chance to see the beautiful view this time :( It was all white all the way with the gusts of winds that’s so strong we can’t stand still long enough for the photos. We spent a few minutes taking pictures and making the most of it while we were there. I was disappointed but still glad to reach the top. I am proud that I’ve made it this far.

Pantingan Peak: Assault To Summit

Pantingan PeakThe next day we had to wake up early, have breakfast and start our trek to assault to the summit. It’ll take 3 hours to reach the summit with our normal pace so we better start early and make it back to the campsite in time for lunch, break camp and rush back to guide’s house to wash up and catch the last trip back to Balanga, Bataan. But the real challenge in this part of the climb is: the battle with the limatiks (bloodsucking leeches) that will be facing along the way. It was gloomy that morning and a few drizzles which we suspected that it might not be a clear view when we reach the summit :( But I am still hoping it’ll change.


Pantingan Peak: The River

Pantingan Peak

After an hour of trekking, we finally reached the river before lunch time. This is unusual for us to reach camp before lunch :) We decided to stay there for the night and will assault to the summit early in the morning. We had enough time to relax and catch up. This is the break I was looking forward for months. I’ve been busy with work, swimming and running for the past few months.


Pantingan Peak: Sneak Peak of the Summit

Pantingan PeakAs we trekked through the thick and tall grass (which is by the way the cuts can be painful sometimes), we get a view of the summit from time to time. It’ll take us 3 hours to reach the river where we will be camping the night and mostly the journey is hard as we have expected, the trek will be mostly ascending so this is where our training will be tested :) All the hard work paid off.


Pantingan Peak: Grasslands

Pantingan Peak

We had a smooth travel from Manila to Bataan :) Our trek started around 8:00 AM. It was a cool and windy morning going through the grasslands (also called Marlboro country). It was nice to watch the tall grass sway as the wind blows, it has that relaxing effect on me :) I am back at my playground and one of my happy places <3

Pantingan Peak: Last CLIMB of the Year 2014 #lastclimboftheyear

Pantingan Peak


Bagac, Bataan (Nov.29-30, 2014)

Pantingan Peak, part of the Mt. Mariveles mountain range is the highest peak in Bataan. With a height of 1388 MASL, this is another major climb to add in our list. We’ve been preparing for almost 6 months for  this :) A few days before this climb, a low pressure area developed and we are already anticipating that this is not going to be an easy climb. We are already waterproofing our gears.  We were blessed to have a good weather when we started our trek :)

Mt. Natib: Sunset

Mt. Natib

It was already late in the afternoon when we finished assaulting the summit. Picking up our bags we had to rush back to the jumpoff where we can wash up and catch the bus to Manila. From basecamp it’ll take us two more hours to reach our destination.  I’ve always loved sunsets especially at the summit, must be a spectacular view up there with these colors but it’s just not possible for us this time.  So I took the opportunity while I was trekking alone and capture my favorite hour of wonderful photos :) This adventure with my fellow mountaineers is another good one in my list <3 We’ve always been in good favor with the weather because the rain will definitely make it harder for us to appreciate this climb. Until our next adventure in a few months. Climbing season is now on a break.