Mt. Batulao 2015: New Trail

Mt. Batulao 2015

We had to take the new trail to finish our training and have our lunch. It was nice to see Mt. Batulao once again and surely will be back soon. We will have a race here in a few weeks too. Bye for now Batulao, I’ll be back. Thank you for unfolding your beauty for us. We are blessed. It’s a great climb and run for me :) Ready for the Salomon XTrail Run in the next few days.

Mt. Batulao 2015: Sunny Morning

Mt. Batulao 2015

It was a sunny morning during our run. I can’t help but pause and take a moment to appreciate this beautiful view :)

It was starting to get hotter as we approached the summit and we need to finish as early as we can. But view, how can you not not stop and look at it? :) Welcome to our playground <3

Mt. Batulao 2015: Old Trail

Mt. Batulao 2015

Since this is a trail run training, I was surprised to see how fast we reached the fork where it will lead to two different trails: the old trail and new trail. A lot has changed since I visited this place a few years ago and almost did not realize that I was already at the fork. We’re taking the old trail first ;)

Pantingan Peak: Time To Run

Pantingan Peak

Our target time to reach the guide’s house: 2 hours :) And we have to run like crazy to make it and wash up then catch the last minibus to travel back to the bus station in Balanga so we can finally go home to our families :) This is a nice way to end our adventurous year. This is my mountain no. 19

Pantingan Peak: 3 Musketeers

Pantingan PeakIt’s just the three of us this time. For a valid reason, one of could not join us in this adventure :( Arrangements with the guide are already made and this trek has been postponed several times due to some unexpected hindrances and conflict of schedules.  We had to push through that weekend and I am glad we did because the next week was the arrival of the typhoon Ruby.


Pantingan Peak: Goodbye for Now Pantingan

Pantingan PeakWhat a difference a day makes. Goodbye for now Pantingan Peak, maybe we’ll try once again. It was a pleasure to discover your unique beauty even if we were not able to see most stunning part of it. I am still glad we chose you to be our last climb for the year :) Your good memories will always stay with me. This is still a good climb for me :)


Pantingan Peak: Summit

Pantingan PeakSadly, it was foggy and windy when we reached the top. It was like there was a storm when we were there :( Mother nature has not given us a chance to see the beautiful view this time :( It was all white all the way with the gusts of winds that’s so strong we can’t stand still long enough for the photos. We spent a few minutes taking pictures and making the most of it while we were there. I was disappointed but still glad to reach the top. I am proud that I’ve made it this far.

Pantingan Peak: Assault To Summit

Pantingan PeakThe next day we had to wake up early, have breakfast and start our trek to assault to the summit. It’ll take 3 hours to reach the summit with our normal pace so we better start early and make it back to the campsite in time for lunch, break camp and rush back to guide’s house to wash up and catch the last trip back to Balanga, Bataan. But the real challenge in this part of the climb is: the battle with the limatiks (bloodsucking leeches) that will be facing along the way. It was gloomy that morning and a few drizzles which we suspected that it might not be a clear view when we reach the summit :( But I am still hoping it’ll change.


Pantingan Peak: The River

Pantingan Peak

After an hour of trekking, we finally reached the river before lunch time. This is unusual for us to reach camp before lunch :) We decided to stay there for the night and will assault to the summit early in the morning. We had enough time to relax and catch up. This is the break I was looking forward for months. I’ve been busy with work, swimming and running for the past few months.